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Reiki Treatment Over Distance

Reiki Distance Healing

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Reiki Distance Healing

You have decided that you want the benefits of Reiki but you don’t live near where I am based, you are unable to travel or we are in lockdown, well distance reiki is the answer.

Distance Reiki healing that is sent remotely. It is the same as in person Reiki, except that you’re not coming to see me here in my room. It can be done where ever you are, even in the comfort of your own bedroom relaxing.

How does Distance Reiki work?

It is simply allowing Reiki to flow to you through the power of intent and focus so that I can carry out a complete Reiki treatment at a distance with the same effectiveness as if we were in the same room doing a hands on treatment.

Here are some further guidelines about distance Reiki for you to consider:

  • Contact Me or purchase your distant healing on the site and you will receive a link to my calendar.
  • At the time of your appointment(s) you should be at home, relaxing, preferably in a room on your own.
  • Try to ensure you cannot be disturbed and that you are free from distractions and interruptions. Also please ensure also that you have your phone switched off or on silent.
  • Set an alarm for half an hour, this is to signal the end of your healing session.
  • Just lie on your bed or sit quietly in your chair and close your eyes and relax.
  • Reiki is powerful enough to reach and work on you unaided so there’s no need to try and help it.
  • During the session you will experience the same sensations that you would experience as if we were doing in person reiki. You may see colours, feel warmth or coldness in different areas of your body or even pins and needles. What you most certainly feel is beautiful relaxation and you may even fall asleep.
  • Remember that the Reiki energy is unique to and you will get what you need at that time therefore everybody’s experience of Reiki is different.
  • When the session is over just lie there for a few minutes until you feel ok to get up.
  • The Reiki energy stays in your body for up to a week doing its healing after each session.
  • I will then message you afterwards to discuss how you felt.


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