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Reiki Healing In Person

In Person Reiki Healing

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Reiki Healing Session

This is done in person at my Melton Mowbray Treatment Room

What is Reiki?

Reiki is form of energy healing and therapy.

Both the practitioner and the recipient will experience Reiki during a treatment. Everyone will have their own interpretation of what it is like to experience Reiki and this will vary each time Reiki is received and given.

Generally Reiki promotes a warm and nurturing feeling which in turn can create a sense of peace and relaxation.
Receiving and giving a treatment can be very joyous, soothing, relaxing and rewarding.

What does Reiki do?

Reiki heals by flowing through the energy field and charging any damaged or blocked areas with positive energy. Reiki is able to break apart any negative energy and clear and heal the energy pathways that flow through the body and aura.
By allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way, Reiki calms the mind and emotions bringing us into balance and harmony.
Reiki can be a great stress reliever, renewing and revitalising. Reiki may be beneficial to sufferers of long term illness and may relieve pain as well as stimulate the body’s immune system and natural healing ability. Reiki can awaken new aspects of spiritual experience and understanding.

As well as reiki, I also include crystal healing in your treatment.

Crystal healing uses crystal gemstones that are placed on or near different parts of your body. The reason for this is that each of your energy points, also known as chakras, have a certain energy vibrational frequency, to be calm and relaxed etc these energies should be at a very steady frequency.
Unfortunately when we are poorly, tired, emotional, anxious, upset, generally not ourselves, then these energy areas become blocked and the frequency becomes erratic and the energy cannot flow through our bodies.
Crystals also have a vibrational frequency and certain crystals have the same vibration as certain chakras, however, unlike our chakras, the crystal energy cannot change and is constant.
By putting the correct crystals near the correct chakras, the chakra syncs up to the crystals frequency therefore becoming more steady.
Regarding the chakras as mentioned previously, there are 7 main chakras from top to bottom of your body, ideally all of these chakras, points of energy, should be steady and like cogs in a machine, they should all connect and allow the energy to flow up and down from one to another to make us feel good.
If due to illness, anxieties, loss etc, one or more of these chakras are blocked, then the energy cannot flow.
By using energy healing, the chakras can be cleansed and un blocked helping the energy to flow, this is chakra alignment.
So I hope a lot of that made some sense.
Basically what I do is using the energy around us and the crystals, I get the universal energy to flow through me and connect to yours and remove the negative energy replacing it with positive energy.
In my sessions I begin with an initial consultation which will determine what I will focus on during the treatment.
I then relax you on the treatment table by using meditation techniques and I use a full combination of Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Alignment and grounding so that you get a real full blast of energy therapy.
Everyone experiences different sensations but what will most certainly happen is that you will feel very relaxed during the session.
The consultation, a chat really, depending on your questions, will last around 20 mins, the actual energy therapy will last between 40 and 50 mins, then a chat afterwards, again depending on your questions will be 10 to 15 mins, so probably around an hour and 10 to an hour and a half in total.
After your session I am also then available to you to ask questions about anything in relation to your treatment as well as any guidance on meditation and general ways to help you on a daily basis.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions.


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